Kind Words

What Our Students Had To Say


Put simply, platform is the reason that I am doing what I am doing today. Everything about my experience at the company inspired me to pursue what I found a love and passion for throughout the years of attending. The team that platform have are filled with nothing but compassion and drive to get the best out of their students and they always did everything they could to offer the most amazing opportunities and provide the best support to each and every one of their students. So many brilliant moments and experiences that have provided so many skills that I needed, but these moments most importantly created memories that I will always treasure.

- Lucas (Platform Graduate)


Platform YP taught me the skills I needed to get into drama school. All the teachers are so supportive and it was so great to train somewhere so friendly and inclusive.

- Laura (Platform Graduate)


Coming to platform was the best decision I’ve ever made. When I first came I was to shy and scared to speak to anyone but every single person there was so friendly I soon felt at home. All the teachers are so encouraging and supportive in all aspects of musical theatre and performance. I’ve come on so much in confidence since I’ve joined platform and It is now my favourite place to be. I couldn’t imagine my life without it as it has now become like a family to me.

- Maisy (Platform Student)


I come to Platform because not only is it a community where everyone is always willing to help you but also the support and quality of teaching is phenomenal. In the 7 years I have been at Platform I have grown in confidence and most importantly as a performer. From someone who had never danced to now being able to stand front row in a dance class is amazing and all down to Platform’s constant faith and support in me. I can only say thank you.

- Emily (Platform Student)


Platform was a huge part of my life for 14 years and I learned so much, not just in Musical Theatre but so many life skills that I use everyday. Platform encouraged me and made me the best performer I could be and I am so proud to say I was a part of this Platform family.

- Lauren (Platform Graduate)

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