Kind Words

"My daughter started with Platform YP just before she was 5yrs old. With mild additional needs she was clingy, shy and generally apprehensive about the world around her. I have seen my shrinking violet blossom into a radiant sunflower and I truly cannot thank Tracey enough for the gifts of confidence, self expression and passion for the world of dance and musical theatre. Seeing Lola appear at Disneyland Paris and Sadlers Wells have been magical moments as a parent of a reserved child, whats not to love?! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tracey"  Louise (mum)

"Forever proud of your hard work and commitment. Thank you for being such a wonderful, positive influence on Grace and no doubt many other children over the years." Victoria (mum)

"My daughter and son have both blossomed with confidence since attending Platform.  Platform is a very friendly drama group - you're not just another student to Tracey" Nicky (mum)

"I live for Friday night ... not because there is no school for two days (although that is a bonus) but because I love going to drama - it's the highlight of my week"  Sophie (student)

"Thank you so much Tracey for all your hard work, enthusiasm, encouragement and for constantly having a smile on your face ... I don't know how you do it but I'm incredibly thankful that you do !"  Amanda (mum)

"When I first started drama classes, I was scared to even stand on a stage.  Tracey has been amazing and helped me overcome those fears ... so much so that last year I sang solo, on stage in front of over 500 people"  Freya-Lauren (student)